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Apologies, it's been a manic weekend, did not get a chance to respond to this write-up earlier

First Credit where Credit's due

Sam's great, he's very helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, best of all listen's to what you've got to say, as he's mentioned, I was very happy with the initial install but there were a few bits that I wanted to improve on, bass being one, I researched long and hard, Sam was consulted throughout, he gave me great advice, I started off looking at the JL W7's, then the Orion HCCA's, then moved to the W6's for their sound quality, then something terrible happened at work, so had to scale down my budget, bid and won a Boston G5 on ebay, these are great subs, but unfortunately the sub I won turned out faulty :-(, I got lucky and won a JL 10W7 + corner enclosure at a great price, I also bought a JL slash amp off ebay, so my sub setup was complete, wanted to improve the front sound stage, really wanted a good centre driver, looked for a Morel Integra/Tempo, could not find one for cheap so went for a focal 100CA, not the best driver, will definitely upgrade in the near future, went a bit crazy with the rear decks really, I did fancy a spare-no-expense type of a system so found myself a solid pair of mids in DLS R4, I am very happy with my decision as the end result is astounding, I believe the DLS drivers have enhanced the front stage, I can hear stuff that I couldn't before ?? I think the clever MS8 has made very intelligent use of the speakers behind my head, it feels like I'm in the middle of a live performance, very clean sound, very engaging, the instrument and vocal images are placed perfectly. I am just loving it, thank you mate