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Originally Posted by bwsteg View Post
Two cars are never the same. Because you can find 1 or 2 deals out there in which you buy a 07 335i with 60+ K miles for under $23k, that does not mean every single 07 owner must now sell there car for that.

Just for the sakes of this argument. I have a 07 335i with 35k miles, an actual fully loaded car (with active steering, active cruise control, CPO as well, every single option available in 07) and went to two different BMW dealerships this weekend to see what my car was worth in a trade-in, $25,300 and 24,900. So why would I assume or anyone for that matter think that all 07's should sell for 22-24k privately? Each vehicle and situation is different...

Also, 95% of 07's selling for under $24k all have high mileage (60k +)..
Thanks for the reply...I agree. Think people above are assuming high miles