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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
I have been voting since JFK in 1960 and I have found that the color and parts of the maps have changed a lot over the years. Years ago the Southern States were all blue and the North was pretty much red. But the maps and states have evolved into mostly red with the major cities being blue. With very large populations the City States have come to rule the National elections and in some cases even State races.
With regards to maps, this about says it. There aren't many large cities that are republican. I'm sure if you think about it enough you'll find some correlation between large cities voting democrat.

I don't take offense to any redneck references. I wouldn't call myself one but i do have some similar interests and i appreciate the fact that you will always know where you stand with a redneck. Also, when the shit hits the fan; i'll take redneck neighbors any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
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