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Misfiring Again - Clean Intake Valves or Injectors?

Hey guys,

So a few weeks ago I got a misfire on cylinder 1. Cleared the code on COBB and it came back so I changed the coil. Then I got misfire on cylinder 6. Didn't bother waiting until they all went so I changed all the plugs and all the coils.

I am running COBB Stage 1 SPORT and I got a misfire again on cylinder #2 today after about 2-3 weeks code-free. I already have 6 injectors brand new ready to go for whenever I need them, should I change the injectors now or should I do intake valve cleaning first to see is thats what is causing the misfire?

For reference, my car has 86,000kms and never had the intake valves cleaned before.

Thanks for your help in advance.