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Originally Posted by ~XxTeexX~ View Post
def one of the best upgrades!
Couldn't agree more.
Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Holy damn.... Those are some awesome photos...
I've been enjoying my camera a lot lately. Free GIMP software is the way to go. Tough to beat free Photoshop.

Originally Posted by BobS View Post
I like the plate
Nice pics!
Thanks - took me a while to figure out what I wanted on the plate, but since I debadged it, I wanted it to communicate a little info to the general public.
Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Awesome car. Lights are everything
You sir, should know - you've got some dope lights yourself.

Originally Posted by BillLee View Post
very nice, i love your wheels.
Thanks, me too

Originally Posted by mrj25 View Post
the ls3 angel eyes are a definite upgrade and my favorite mod. good work bro!
Thanks, J. Lemme' know when you want to do that shoot since this was the one you missed out on.

Originally Posted by SoCal BimMn' View Post
Those LS3s do make the biggest difference. Your car is a perfect mix show and go, nice ride man
Thanks, bro. If I could do it all over again I don't think I'd change anything.

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
ohhhhhh shietttt

Originally Posted by Duck360198 View Post
How much modifying was required for your M3 ducts?
A lot! I purchased the air ducts from
They're cheaper than Tischer and anyone else I found. Tip of the hat to "Game" as he's the one who steered me in that direction.

These threads have some good info on it...

Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Beautiful as always man. Always has been my favorite e90 here, good work.
Custom headlights are such a difference maker. Do you still have amber turn signal bulbs? I'd say get some LED ones to completely rid yourself of the amber in the headlight. I just ordered some last night for mine.
I say keep this as your DD, too beautiful to be a track car.
Amber bulbs - yes. Shoot me a PM once you get yours installed. I'll let you be the guinea pig.
As for the DD, that debate won't be settled any time soon. I want a track car and my wife doesn't Someday, I think a Lotus Exige / Porsche 997 / or maybe even an E46 M3 will become my TurboMike project
Originally Posted by BoogeyMan'sBMW View Post
i still stand by your car being fuckin awesome. SGM ftw, looking good!
lol - thanks.

Originally Posted by Ktan92 View Post
Twins almost? haha. sick ride regardless bro!!!
My long, lost caucasian twin brother. Lookin' good yourself.