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Originally Posted by Kenyale View Post
I recently replaced my valve cover gasket on my 2006 330i with the N82 engine. It wasn't easy but I got it done and the problem was solved. Car ran fine after putting everything back together.

Yesterday, I replaced the oil filter housing gasket. The job was fairly easy except I had to partially remove the intake manifold to get to that bolt behind it. Really wasn't that big of a deal but after I put everything back together, the car won't run properly. Starts but idles really rough and evetually stalls. What's puzzling is that the codes indicate a camshaft position sensor problem. I didn't touch that so I am wondering if maybe one or more of the intake manifold gaskets didn't seat properly. Would that cause this problem?

N82 engine?
If it's anything like the N52 I can think of 2 possibilities; Did you replace the intake mani gaskets when you took it off?
The wires/plugs for the CPS are on the front sides of the engine. Maybe you damaged one since they're near the same area where you were working?