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DME failure :(

This weekend I was at Atlanta Motorsports Park for a track day. Car ran beautifully in the morning session. In the afternoon session I started getting frequent fail safe modes. Around 4 or so I decided to just pack it up and head back to my boss's dad's home.

Followed my boss back. About a mile from the house I punched it into the boost and at about 5K misfired like all hell. CEL continued to flash at me and the car felt like it was on 3 cylinders and I limped it into the driveway where it stalled out.

This has happened before so I just turned car off, took key out. And then restarted the car and all clears. Welp, not this time. I didn't have the laptop or cable with me. So I just read the faults through the JB4 and looked up what all the numbers on the speedo meant.

Came back 30BA fault which is injection misfire 1,2,3: DME diode failure. Lovely. Tried clearing it out through the JB4, nothing.

Last night I was too exhausted to research some. And I was at the track today as well. My car now sits in a garage 3 and half hours away from where I live with the DME removed. On the ride back I decided to research. Technically under federal law its covered 8yrs/80K, but everybody that has had the issue seems to be getting reamed by the dealers for it.

Luckily I do work for a European shop so we may try a diode repair on the DME itself. I completely forgot to check the fuses in the DME compartment to see if one was blown and may have triggered the fault. That is the task for next weekend when I make it back down there. Praying its just a blown fuse. If not will try diode repair and if that doesn't fix it a call into Autologic will be made into coding a used DME to the car.

I am well aware there is a TSB for 6/07-8/07 build dates. My car though is a 11/06 build date. Ugh. I understand computer components can fail just like anything else. But diodes don't seem to take a dump in Japanese cars unless it got water on it somehow... Oh well I love my BMW.