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when you did all the winding up/down of windows, adjustment of side mirrors, are you using the master window/mirror switch on the driver side?

if yes, most probably the switch pack is the cause. i had similiar symptons, side mirrors cannot fold/unfold when starting the car and works fine after driving for a while. tore open the switch pack and turned out the capacitors inside are leaking which is why the functions do not work when you first start the car since the leaking capacitors lose the charge and thus doesn't work. when you drive for a while, the capacitors get charged up again and thus everything works again.

the solution is either to replace the 3 capacitors inside the switch pack or just buy a new switch pack.

I ended up using my old switch pack (without mirror folding button) as my attempt at replacing the capacitors did not work well.

here's an image of how the capactitors looked like for my case.