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Not codable no, far from it.....

I'm sure your not the first to be mislead by this pointless feature (i Know I was)

There's no independant heating or cooling in the UK, only independant ventilation.

Independant heating is an option abroad using a webasto heater under the bonnet, there can be no independant cooling as the AC needs the engine to be running (an option on higher / newer models with remote start)

All the feature you describe does is run the fans for the set time to blow fresh air in.

So only any real use parked up on a hot day to blow a bit of outside air in before you get back to the car, works ok in that case, provided you remember to set it when its not hot in the morning! And you have to set it every time, no repeat is available...

IIRC it was on my pre LCI, but not on my current LCI?
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