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Originally Posted by Johnny D View Post
Dynocom runs between 5-10% higher than a Mustang/Dynojet in most tests. It would all depend on how each were calibrated. I know you said you didn't care about baselines, but it would have been nice to see the delta's from your mods.
I agree man would have been nice. I never had the motivation to spend $100-150 on a stock vehicle. The mods were gradually acquired so it was never a good time and seemed like a waste of money. Now I wish I had.

Originally Posted by CombatNinja View Post
Great looking 330i and good numbers. The more time passes, the more I'm sure that the 330i is kind of a closet classic in the U.S.

Power numbers seem plausible but the torque is very odd. 330i was rated at 255hp/220tq so it seems unusual that your power and torque would be essentially the same. Further, factory torque peak is 2750rpm and your dyno sheet shows max torque at 4100. Maybe their calibration is off for torque and on for power. Is that even possible?
Thanks! The numbers did surprise me and everyone there. I agree they seem odd as well as high, but the Charger and 370z were basically spot on with their numbers which had me wondering. I was honestly expecting sub 200 numbers when it went on the rollers. I wonder if my intake and muffler delete have moved the RPM range where peak numbers are. Also had never heard of Dynocom prior, and wish the graph were like the typical ones im used to seeing from Mustang and Dynojet.

Anyway it was out of curiosity and for fun so take these digits with a grain of salt! Thanks guys.

Edit: For what it's worth, 4100~ is actually where it begins to pull and up to 6000 or so. Just in normal driving my power is right in that range.

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