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humming noise from front of car after service


wondering if anyone has run into this type of noise before. took my car in last week to get all the fluids flushed. they flushed coolant, differential, clutch/brake, and transmission.

when i drove the car home everything seemed fine. but every morning i start the car i have a weird humming noise. nothing at idle, but as soon as i start driving the car a humming/whistling type noise gets louder and louder with my speed (coming from the front somewhere from what i can tell).

it will do this for about 15 minutes then seems to go away. if i leave the car parked for a few hours and then drive it.. there's no noise. it seems to only do it when the car has been parked for an extended amount of time, like over night.

it's been hard to reproduce the problem for them because of this. i'm trying to coordinate something so that i can leave it at their shop over night but it's been difficult.

i was curious is someone might know what has happened to perhaps pinpoint the problem a little better. i did some searching, and it seems to me like there might be something wrong with the differential. most humming noises seem to pop up around it. so i'm wondering, if perhaps they didn't fill it properly, or wrong fluid or something?

any info would be appreciative. thank you.
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