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Originally Posted by P-rex View Post
When the car is revving ... It's hitting around 6000 pr 6500 rpm's and not increasing speed.... Like as if its in neutral... It's not until I until I take my foot off the accelerator does the car then dro to lower rpm's and kick into gear... Similar to when your let off the clutch when driving MT.... It freaks me out.... Especially when passing on one lane roads on the opposite traffic lane when cars are approaching
Yeah if you push it and the DTC is on and the wheels start spinning then it feels like neutral. As suggested, I would turn off at least DTC and try again and maybe even with DSC off. It maybe your tires not gripping. If it isn't the tires spinning then I would take it to the dealer to get it checked out. As long as it isn't abuse, I think you'll be covered under warranty.
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