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Winter tire problem - what are my options?

OK, so as I educated myself on options for winter driving with my sport 335i sedan, the answer became clear: There just aren't any options for run flat tires.

BMW really puts us in a bad spot here. I bought the tire protection plan, and I assume if I remove RFT, I won't be covered. The dealership guy even told me that roadside assistance won't come if I don't have RFTs.

Having said that, I currently have summer RE50 Bridgestone tires - the ones that came with the car. My only other option was the All season RE60AS RFT, but they are impossible to find in the 255/35/18 size.

So, I'm down to either not going with RFT, which I really don't want to do as my wife also drives the car, to....what else can I do? Can I not run a staggered setup? Would any other tires fit in my back wheels? Or would I need completely need wheels?

I'm a bit disappointed at the sheer lack of options, considering BMW comes with RFT from the factory but have no options for winter driving.