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i tilted it pretty high using 2 trolley jacks on either side...just feel the pipes...squeeze them when you feel them they should be both too hot to squeeze for more than a second or so....mine 1 is not that hot so it will be the radiator core.

id advise you doing it at your own risk (swapping the pipes over) but yeah if it works for me, and all the debris goes back into the cooling system i suppose it will be loose and free then il do another system flush to get rid of it all...

plus the hot pressurized water will do a better job of cleaning it in reverse than normal cold water.....

im gonna try it....worse case scenario could be a popped/leaking core then i wont have a choice but to change it....risk to reward ratio for me is ok..

when you swap the pipes the function of the pipes stays the same its just the flow within the radiator is from opposite ends.