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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
1. I won't ask for pics, but I will not have a problem with anyone else doing so.

2. Sounds like you are hoping for more than friendship, but because she's friendzoned you, you're convincing yourself otherwise.

3. Helping move apartments = friendzone with benefits. Just not for you. Seriously, whatever it means to you, she just probably sees you as the nice friend she can count on for that crap.

4. Bipolar = NOT wife material. Run. Fast.

Solution? Stay friends, hang out and have dinner as friends as much as you want, but make time to meet girls and go out with them. Spending less time or finding a GF shouldn't make your friendship any worse - why would you need to alienate a friend to work on your dating life?

Unless, of course, point #2 above rings a bell to you, in which case ... Still get yourself into dating girls, and if something is meant to happen between you and her, it will. But with that, please note point #4 above. Just google 'bipolar wife' and you'll see what I mean.

Honestly, the bold part is all that matters, as it was pointed out above,.

Op if your assessment of her being bipolar is correct, you are not prepared to deal with a person like this. Depending on her particular issue you have no idea where this could end up and how many problems you could be staring at down the road.

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