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Originally Posted by E90Graphite07 View Post
Run the VIN through Carfax, and that should ensure you if the car had a clean record, or was 'rebuilt'. No extended warranties included? Also, check to see if any odd wear/tear, so that you can throw that back to the seller (peeling interior panels, check the inner trims on the doors, steering wheel, center console, power window switch panel, etc.). If you see peeling you may wanna see if he'll budge on the $500. Did you also run through the service menu to see what items are due. Given the fact it's 5yrs already, you'll have to pay out of pocket for maintenance I'm assuming, especially brake job; that brings me to ask, did you notice any brake squeak at low speeds? Check the thickness of those pads. Dealer will charge arm/leg for servicing them as well.
He said brake job due to 10-15k....probably try and do it myself unless too difficult. Carfax checks out. Dude not budging on 24.5.....was going to buy today but banks closed and can't get cashiers check.