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Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
Nice cars! I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I prefer the 335d over the M3. I dare say though the M3 WILL catch up once you've finished modding it.

I've often thought my ideal car would be a 335i\M3 combo, a tuned N54 petrol engine to give the low down grunt, real world pace plus lower running\fuels costs combined with the suspension\running gear and external looks of the M3.

How did you go about converting the 335d to the M3 look? Is there a build thread?
No build thread, hence I thought I better start one for the m3. Converted when I bought it, I've just fine tuned it

Originally Posted by skelts View Post
What are the offsets for the 335 rims?
Can't remember but 35 ? Ish. Basically e92 offset.

Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
but I'm in the US
Ah, obvious on a computer but on the iPad app not so. Anyway, they have boats!

Originally Posted by ssc330d View Post
Both cars are beautiful, but I have to say that out of the two I prefer the look of the 335D. In saying that you havent started on the M3 yet!
Where is your ad for the 335D btw?
M3 may be a bit more marmite but will turn heads