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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I thought that was common sense.....

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of nice people on this forum who want to help others out, but it's no different than internet dating or meeting strangers in any other way. There are predators out there who use the ruse of a purchase to take advantage of people. It's not worth $1,000, to invite one of those individuals to your home.

I went to somebody's house to have work done on my Nissan, imho I talked to the kid on the phone multiple times so I felt he was on the up and up. But I went with my wife's cousin just in case, and he had his buddies there too (they were gonna do some welding for me at a price that was like an hour's pay when the body shop wanted more than 10X that)...
You seriously worry about this? Any random bad guy could invade your home at any time. Why bother to go to the pretense of buying something? I'd be more worried as the buyer, showing up at some random place with a wad of cash.

Then again, I live in a place where people often don't lock thier houses. I did not even HAVE keys to my house for the first 8 years I lived here - got them when I bought new door handles. And realistically, locking the door just means replacing the door after the thieves kick it in to steal your stuff anyway. Might as well save the damage to the door.
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