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Swiss tuning.

Originally Posted by BMW_Belgier View Post
Hi new owner of a AW e92 335xi near Zurich just moved from Lausanne.

Can't create a post so ill focus this one at you guys

Just wondering what are the limitations we face in our beautiful country, when it comes to modding. I havnt really considered my previous cars as being worth tuning, but with a turbo under the hood and decent HP to start with why not. So I was consider jb4 which leads to intakes and DPs and exhaust, PE for sure then Rob posted for COBB and well have to see where that goes before going the jb4 way. Especially as I just had to get some nice Dunlop winter 4ds.

So I know homologation is a big thing here and so are emissions tests.

Therefore the question is: what can and can't be done without any hassle?
I believe police here are trained to spot certain things when it comes to this.. Noise i guess.. The I assume intakes as they would pull you over?

Is PPK worth it if I go for jb4 or Cobb? Cause 2k for 20hp...
Any mod friendly garage recommendations?

I would appreciate some input quoting bmw_belgier as is by far the most active around these parts has the same car, is in the Swiss German part and speaks English.. Plus I believe I saw is getting DPs?! Just trying to get ur attention