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Originally Posted by gunnerxq View Post
I get a slight vibration or thump starting around 80. Its barely noticeable so I usually forget when driving long distances.
If it is not related to braking, its probably the tires getting old, or you lost one of your balancing weight in the wheel and it vibrates at speed. As long as it doesn't bother you its fine, just get a look at your tires to check if they are still withing spec.

Could also be a bearing, but its less probable and you'll know conclusively when it will make a strong woo-woo noise.

i was going about 50-60 and braked hard and only my brake pedal vibrates?
Sounds like normal ABS behavior. You braked harder than the grip allowed and ABS made a clean stop for you.

I strongly advice that you get used to the maximum brake capacity of your car in a controlled environment, accounting for a variety of weather, and train yourself at proper braking technique before trying to drive hard on open roads.

Now, if you are an experienced driver, and you think that your braking shouldn't have triggered ABS, there are a variety of suspension condition that can make handling so bad that ABS kick in very early. If you think so, have your suspension system (tires, shocks, springs etc) inspected. Also remember that summer tires have little grip in cold weather, that can lead to surprisingly bad handling.