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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
This makes no sense. Its recommended to have all tires matching, but not mandatory.

The car will drive fine under normal driving conditions. Of course the possibility of getting a flat on the two non-rft, but it really wont make a huge difference. RFT are heavier then non-rft. If that is your situation then go for it. if you have the money then of course match them. You're not going to die or mess up any mechanical like these people make it seem.

i mixed my tires (non run flats in rear) and at a gas station a cute chick noticed my bad ass ET streets in the rear and started asking about my car We ended up going for a drink and i went home with her. In the morning i left her place and got in a wreck bcuz the front tires felt like they were floating when i raced a street bike from a red light. It was a little wet out. Anyway the cars in the shop, i got a ticket for reckless driving and my wife found out about the girl bcuz she wrote "call me" in lipstick on my dash board. I must have been pretty drunk.

So yea, OP i wouldnt do it
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