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I agree with everything but the paddock categorization by hp. There are always little pods of people who come together but are not in the same brackets. All the other recommendations are solid in my opinion.

I have racing harnesses and a triple disk.. found it very annoying having to drive down there, and leave my car running (its loud and I'm sure it anoyed others as well).. while strapped in etc.. just to move 5 feet every 5 minutes.. I also ran solo more times than not simply because I would drive down by myself in hopes of finding competition only to have someone who already has a race lined up line up next to me then flag me forward when its our time.. indicating they didn't want to race me.

I also agree with the inside vs outside lane.. as a turbo car I prefered the outside lane and when I was outside lane racing someone I always told them to follow my lead as it was easier for them as opposed to me following their lead... the outside lane also gave me a little more runway if I wanted to ride the brakes a little and build boost.

I was at the trona event as a spectator and found this event to be significantly more organized, keep up the good work Shift-S3ctor and I'll see you at the next event!

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