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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
OK cool. I verified that I am prewired for satellite and found the p/n for the "retrofit kit" that is everything but the receiver, and also managed to find the installation instructions for the retrofit kit. Doesn't look too painful... Has anyone successfully used this P/N in an E92 3-series? realoem lists 65129192273 or 65129192274 as the two options for my car. I'm not trying to insult you or imply anything, I'd just rather not pay for a receiver that I'm not sure will work. thank you again and GLWS if we can't work something out.

Edit: if someone else is interested, the retrofit kit - bracket, fan, and hardware - at least for my car ('09 E92, mounts underneath the trunk floor cover next to the TCM - that's Telephone Control Module not Transmission etc. - there are other mounting options, so verify yours to make sure) is part no. 65110432318 and the instructions were posted here and I have a local copy on my PC if anyone needs them. Really the only tricky bit looks like rearranging the MOST fibers behind the rear seat bolster and it does appear that coding may be required - if I do this I'll add the alarm at the same time so I only have to pay for one session at the dealer.
the 65129192273, 65129192274 are the latest modules from BMW the 65129192273 and 65209142852 are no longer made and now replaced with
Im confident this unit will fit 100% as other people have used same unit on they 3 series. 2006+