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Well time for an update, Got my MusicarNW sub wow this is a nice piece.. Just press fits right in I love it & Ken was great to work with.

So on to the tuning ( Life of owning an MS8 )

So lowered volume on the MS8 to -21 db and level matched the underseats
to my center ( it was around 68db ). Used the JL Audio iPhone app and held
it around ear level.

Under-seats sound good now and blend well with everything..

Time to screw it all up with a new config lol.

Subwoofer Install & Config.

JL Amp Settings ( kaigoss )


Mids - HP 80/12 level matched to center
Sub - LP 80/12 ( 3/4 gain )

MS8 Settings

* Front = 2-way,
* 20Hz subsonic/24dB, 200Hz at 24dB Hi/Lo
* Center = 1-way, 200Hz at 24dB
* Sides = 1-way, 200Hz at 24dB
* Calibration volume = -21dB
* Main volume after calibration = -6dB

First Impressions -

Well I think I need to go back to tuning or making adjustments im not sure, But if history repeats it will improve drastically with some time.

The Subwoofer is an Image Dynamics ID10D4v.3 ( 4 ohm ) wired for 2 ohms.

The harness Ken supplies has 4 wires ( 2pos 2neg ) hopefully I did this right.

Twisted the two pos together ( then to 1 pos )
Twisted the two neg together ( then to 1 neg )

And ran that to the amp.

Now maybe thats not wired correctly or the 12hz slope is throwing me off
and I should switch the polarity? Would just involve wiring backwards?
+ wire to neg on amp and - wire to + on amp?

Current status - The bass is present and sounds OK but the more you turn up the volume the bass seems to get weaker and weaker.
I know this is a ( Sound Quality Sub ) but I feel somethings not right ( probaly the MS8 messing with me again ).

Its not hitting nearly as hard as I expected, My Solobaric S10' in my other car w/less watts rms ( 200watts ) hits 2x harder.
Im only throwing the comparison in there because its the only reference point i can compare to and its a simular SQ Sub in a small sealed enclosure with less watts.

Im sure improvements are to come, More than likely I need to play with more tuning + possibile mis-config.

As always thanks in advance for any advice guys, This system has came a long way & I am confident it will sounds perfect in the end.
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