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Originally Posted by SoGenius View Post
Just picked up my new BMW.

It should be f***ing illegal to select base audio package when building your f***** BMW.

I can't complain as I didn't build it and it just got off a lease (BMW Financial sold it to me.) But f*** me dude. My heart thumped harder than my f****** car.

Now I have to retrof***ingfit a Logic 7 into this f***ing f*** f***.

Alright, I feel better.

Hey guys,

What are your experiences on retrofitting the Logic7 kit? Expensive? Time consuming? I know there are numerous threads on what I need and how it's done, just wanted some personal experiences with it.

It is not cost -or audio upgrade- effective to retrofit the OEM Logic7 system. Only the JBL MS-8 will give your Logic7 in an aftermarket system.

This is an example E92 with mediocre Stereo (6-speakers) to outstanding aftermarket audio install...