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I have a 2.7ghz quad core Retina with 768 SSD and 16GB of ram that I just got about a month or so ago.

How much ram is "free" right now according to the memory app I downloaded? 3.26GB.

This computer has way more than I need... but I feel I will need it in the future (maybe lol)

I really felt I needed it because I have 3 user accounts all doing different things....
They do a variety of things... but right now, one is running Vuze; another is for running a couple web pages + mail/notes/calendar app, and another has some word/excel documents open + iPhoto.

(I like this way better than using spaces; plus i have different files on each anyways).

My previous MBP before this was a late 09 with 2.8 core 2 duo 4gb ram upgraded to 8gb.
It would run pretty low at times and I would usually only run 1 user at a time, max 2.

With the retina, i am running all 3 with no decrease in performance

This bastard was freaking expensive, but I'm on my computer enough that i was able to (somewhat) justify the purchase. If you were local to me, i could have helped you save a little off retail, but too much of a hassle since you're all the way in NY...

Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
unless your current use requires it, i'd save the money. worst case get another computer and keep this as your backup. parts only get cheaper.
Do you know how much retina MBPs cost...? you can't exactly do that and stay economical... they're over priced like crazy.

Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
Bringing my old computer over to the new one in full was a bad idea.
Go to the apple store and have them erase everything and start from new.

Then just transfer your apps and iPhoto/itunes/etc manually. Don't transfer the whole thing via time machine.

also, your old mac would've prly had those problems fix had you started fresh
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