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Originally Posted by P-rex View Post
I was going around 70km (45mph) with sport button D drive...full DTC on... The car dropped a gear or two... Wasn't looking but heard it... It just didn't kick into gear and I had to fall back out of fear... I didn't punch it fully... I would say 60% given then situation and the throttle I was expecting from the car...

I've driven stick all my life and DCT for 3 months .. So not sure if I did anything that would have caused this...

Also, given my rear tires are toast... I am assume the the dealership who demo'ed the car might have abused the LC
Your DCT had disengaged the gear, misnomered as a slippage, until it reached a safe operating range in the power band. D mode and Sport off then an instant aggressive drive is a no no for this car

Whenever you are going to get aggressive in your driving turn the Sport button ON and S mode -(if your not acquainted with M mode)