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BMW stereo types

head unit

If everything is already ripped out you might as well stay with aftermarket . The BMW systems have no real crossovers. ( I think they may have an inline cap on the tweeter line) If you have aftermarket speaker use whatever crossover comes with them.
If you ever have to have programming done or software values changed in the car you will need the original head unit installed for the BMW repair computer to work with the car .
You may be able to bypass this with a coding setup.
(But BMW won't.)
When you say under the trunk floor typically the TCU telephone control unit is under the floor in the center and satellite radio i believe. The amps are in the rear drivers side corner in the US next to the taillight assembly .
If you have questions post more pictures that aren't such close ups. The large black connector with the lever is the amp connector the fiber optic lines are in one of the others .

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