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RB/OEM turbo install thread:

Been searching a lot on the web for install hints, tips, pics Ect (if this is posted somewhere delete this) and would have loved to find all of this in one spot so decided to post some links (have more but do not know if it is allowed LOL!!) here and hope other who have done this install can contribute as well. Anthing about this install is good (What to do first, second, what not to do ect): Rob beck did say NOT to go crazy on the bolt on the coolant/oil feed lines...they do not need much force.

Big thanks to "Rob Beck" & "M3Tuner" for there help & advice during this install thus far!

Thread of mine with some good reference pics also:

other install pics/threads:

Torque specs:

Bracket to cylinder head: 9Nm = (6.6 ft lbs)
Coolant supply line to crankcase: 9Nm =
Coolant return line to crankcase: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Coolant return line to turbo: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Coolant supply line to supply line: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Exhaust manifold heat shield: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Oil supply line to crankcase: 20Nm = (14.8 lbs)
Oil pressure line to turbo: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Oil return line to crankcase: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Oil return line to turbo: 8Nm = (5.9 ft lbs)
Turbo manifold to head: 20Nm = (14.8 lbs) (found this to be a bit high went with about 13 lbs)
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