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Originally Posted by phikap36 View Post
It is certainly not a scam. This is the largest and most successful online chat forum where trading education is invaluable. The one post above is by a guy who got kicked out because he started some troubles that were against sec regulations so he made up some stuff. Just thought I would share the opp for people who are interested in learning trading and smart investing.
It may not be a scam but there are some bad reviews on this guy.

I have followed Jason since he was at, but am stuck with an annual membership.....

First of all I want to say he does have some winners, this is true. Who doesn't? However it is very obvious that this guy is a complete liar or misleader trying to convince people he made a forture trading on Wall Street. He cancelled one account after losing all of his profits on 1 trade before starting this new one. If you were with him on it was the one he always had on that site.

Now we have TVIX.... oh wow... All real traders know this loss is simply unacceptable. Sure we all make mistakes, but I have never seen this guy make as much money on the 2 biggest losers he has had since I have been following him.

Is not to say he is not a hard worker, but he is not a good enough trader to be considered a Guru. CUT THE LOSSES BUDDY!!!! Have been a member of sites with 50-60% hit rates and been happy. The losses were SMALL... There is no sell discipline with this guy. $50,000 losses are unacceptable. When he takes his loss I will go long.