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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Mate, any modern car is tested from the sahara to the artic circle.

I really wouldn't worry about the cold doing any harm in the UK. Turbos run at near 1000 degC, so starting from a 20 degress less makes no odds to the operating range.

-30 is a walk in the park for a modern car, if you've ever been to scandinavia you'll know they have plug in points on their driveways to hook up the car at night to power a small water heater/pump in the engine to keep it cosy.

But thats for -40 ish, where your eye lids freeze & summer tyres crack and burst......not quite London
lol, alright cool. So folding mirrors can be folded up when parked over night?
I know some functions of the car will refuse to operate until they've warmed up. Convertible feature is one; not that you would need it.