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Why can't you meet other people while hanging out with her?
its possible. just that im quite busy with school and work. and in general, im not really that sociable, so its not really my thing to meet new people. i know i need to get outta my comfort zone more, but that's easier said than done.

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Wait a minute, your're telling me after reading all that, you want me to move on to another thread since there are no pics? So why are you wasting our time telling us about how you are wasting your time with the girl? Shiiiieeett
lol. u make it sound like its some crazy inception shit haha. yea, im wasting ur time by telling u that you are waste your time by hearing about me waste my time.

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Are you for real>?

Do you like girls?
yes, i do like girls.

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Well I guess since OP wont comment on whether he likes girls or not..we can only assume he's out tampon shopping with his new bff, while listening to Rick Astley..
HAHA dude, she needed to get a new toothbrush the other day and we went to walgreens together. but no tampons... not yet... lol
she does tell me about she gets her period... yea, i think im fucking in the permanent friendzone -_____-

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4. Bipolar = NOT wife material. Run. Fast.
When I said bipolar, I meant that she has really random mood swings where one day she can be nice and funny and the next moment, she gets really argumentative and attacks everything u say. so ive just learned that when she does that i dont say anything, so she cant attack me for saying the wrong thing lol. so its not soo bad that its unbearable. its just that i have to walk on eggshells and make sure i dont press any buttons that will set her off even more. i thought all girls like that??!!