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Simple as plugging in a 55watt ballast?

Hi Guys,

Unsure whether it has been done. in my quest for brighter low beam output, I was thinking of upping the power of the ballast.

I have 6k bulbs in there,and I know I will get better brightness using 4300k but I like the look of the 6k too much.

I have my lights open right now putting in some Led AEs and blacking out my chrome bits, so now is a good time to ask whether I need to do any other work whilst its all open.

Here are my questions

-do you think the e92 headlights handle the extra heat from. 55watt ballast?

-would the 55watt ballast work with the stock projectors and existing 6k d1s bulbs? Or would any of those parts need to be changed?

-would any general 55watt ballast work with these lights?

Cheers guys!!!