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improving diesel engine starting hot / cold

hi all

to cut a long story short

i've had a few dates lately with a very nice man who works as an engineer involved with JCB.

so we are out in my car (325d 08) and talking about how nice it is, smooth yeah, pulls like train yeah, quiet yeah, comfy yeah BUT he says it isn't running right, i say what do you mean its perfect ?

what he noticed is when it starts hot or cold it goes rr,rr,rr-start, (just like my old 320d did too), he says it should go rr-start if set up right, less cranking.

(are you all still with me !!)

he talked me into letting him have the car yesterday to do his thing.

low and behold it now starts like rr-start, bursts into life after barely a turn of the crank, i'd even say it feels a bit more lively / urgent on the road too

he will not tell what he's done to it, says i have to find out for my self, so far i know its not had new glow plugs/ air filter/ fuel filter / battery/ injectors

please help me, whats he done to it? its driving me nuts not knowing

thinking it must be injectors or pump timing ??????

yours , katie

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