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Originally Posted by scotty02uk View Post
ah i see what you mean,
just to confuse things the BMW dealer where i bought the car from has stated:

front - 34
rear - 41
I'm really not sure where all these figures are coming from.

However, I can confirm the sizes you mentioned are specifically listed on my E92 M Sports plaque.

Front = 2.5 Bar = 36.2595 PSI
Rear = 3.0 BAR = 43.5114 PSI

So I would say the 2 different pressures (provided by the dealers) are a little low, especially as I'm listing the "2Up" figures and not fully ladened.

A lot will say; I prefer to run at these pressures etc etc , but it's really down to personal preference and I don't find the ride to be too crashy using the pressures above (even with RFTs). But a few PSI here or there shouldn't negatively impact you too much.