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Pls help?? Misfires under boost after reinstalling Rev3

Pls help? Have been having major issues with misfires after re-installing my Procede Rev3?
Recently had both turboís replaced after a loud police siren noise. Car has been running stock for several months as I was fighting with BMW to cover under warranty.
So last weekend I decide to start re-installing some mods, just the Rev 3 and AR downpipes. However I've now hit a major issue, car is misfiring intermittently when boosting over 10-12 PSI?? Seems especially prominent when temp is still between 150-175F and when doing a logging run from low rpms, and just as boost hits about 10-12psi? When engine is fully warm misfire is intermittent, but when moderately warm sometime misfires actually persist until I switch back to map 0 or otherwise I have to completely re-start? However once back in stock mode after a restart, car runs perfectly fine without misfire??

Due to my altitude and poor fuel quality (stay in Johannesburg South Africa at 5700ft) I decided to start trouble shooting conservatively with stg 0 at a start boost setting of 10, with the 11-25 maps I had loaded previously, just for consistency sake. After the first few misfires I then re-installed the firmware and maps (making sure they were the correct and compatible versions) with user interface 5.32, misfires still persisted though? Then after speaking to Robert I switched to the new 9-10 firmware and maps using user interface 5.34, and still the same thing?

Then started looking at hardware, first thing I did was to pull the plugs, they still look relatively good as I had them replaced 3000 miles ago and have been running stock since then.
Had a spare coil pack at home so swapped it between cylinders, but misfire codes still appeared in multiple cylinders (see below)?

Logged the car on several runs (logs below), some didnít even reach higher rpmís as was misfiring so badly. Seems AFRís oscillate/jump to lean when misfires occur (have highlighted with a ring in the below logs), even flat line at 20 when misfires persist?

So the way I see it, it could only be one of the following in order of probability:

- Injectors (unfortunately I canít seem to load INPA on my 64bit laptop?)
- HP Fuel pump
- O2 sensors
- Plugs (next Iím going to swap these out)
- Vanos
- Coil packs
- Procede hardware issue

Have eliminated bad fuel as I filled up again at a different filling station

Any suggestions on what to test/try or log next? Really donít want to uninstall the DPís as they are such a PITA to remove