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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
No, but I did talk to Terry over the weekend and although his solution works as designed, it's not able to maintain the volume demand that's required. I'm sure eventually Terry will find a solution, but I can tell you the FFTEC / Vishnu solution does the job. I'm still running my stock LPFP and didn't get any LPFP codes and my car was running 100% E85 over the weekend and putting down 422 rwhp and 448 ft/lbs on a Mustang Dyno. All in all that's good news for everyone who wants to run e85. Can't wait to see what upgraded turbos will put down, because RB's have a lot of room to grow with upgraded fueling and e85.
Damn, you are running 100% e85? And you had no codes and no problem when using the Vishnu flex fuel kit?