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Yeah, hopefully we can find an AT solution. Not sure if it's the converter and maybe the 335d converter is the answer.

I know the stock turbo's would never be able to keep up with the upgraded turbo cars with a good tune, but the fact that I was able to put down 480 to 500 whp with stock turbo's just goes to show upgraded turbo's have room to grow with fueling hardware and e85. But it was fun trying. Like any race, outcome is up in the air until you cross the line.

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It was nice talking to you also. Still can't believe that drive back up to Oregon! It was also nice hanging out with all the other regulars again.

This 6AT trans thing is kind of a scary thing. Terry's car let loose right in the middle of the gear, sending the engine to redline. Is everyone else just having the problem right after the shift, or right in the middle of the gear?

Running well, the BMS 135i belted out back to back 130mph qtr mile, level vbox runs. So it makes sense that Eric's E63 and him are neck and neck on a clean run. Most 335i RBs are trapping in the 125-127mph range.

Its so hard to judge what is happening at the end of a roll on race as a spectator, because you have no idea what happened at the start, etc. For comparisons sake, get a Vbox and do a level qtr mile run, you will immediately see what range your car is trapping at. If its 125mph, you are in GTR, Z06 territory. If you are in the 130mph range, you are up there with the ZR1s, 458s, etc. Once you have the traps, you already know what you "could" do in the qtr mile with good traction.