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Anyway, wheel update. Mixed day tbh! Had 2 falkens for the front and bought 2 part worn contis ( very good tread at 6mm) so went to get fitted. Had decided I will get 2 contis to match the front but wasn't planning it today!

Anyway, went to my tyre place to get fitted and all good, except they did scratch one. Not on the face but as I'm running stretch on the inside. Bit annoyed but you can't see it and I have touched it back in black.

On the way back I decided to run it through the car wash to get rid of tyre fitting white residue stuff. Don't normally use them but thought not to worried if get a few swirls on paint on this occasion. I'm sure one visit would nt do any harm!

I was wrong. Got home and thought my front tyre looked flat. Checked it at garage and it was!? 10psi. Couldn't see anything wrong. Put some air in and thought I'd take some pics of wheels to update thread. Looked again and noticed a slash in the side. Put 2 and 2 together and went back to car wash. Looks like the chain that drags your car along ( the rivets) have cut my tyre due to the profile. Yes in hindsight stupid I know. Anyway filled in claim form, and we'll see. Maybe I may get a contribution to 2 new contis! Anyway clearly a stupid decision on my behalf and we'll see what happens!

So, the pics suffered when I realised and had differing priorities ( eg going back to car wash) so sorry they are poor. Car looks great and pics don't do justice!

Still left on 15mm spacers. Back fine. Front may change for 12mm but only as it splatters cú&p up the side of the car all the time!

Also went to see wrap man, so waiting for quote back.

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