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Jb4 Map 2 vs Map 5??

Hey guys, first off I have catless downpipes and dci. I have been running on map 5 since I first got my jb4 (last week) because I had 91 oct. 80% mixed with 100 oct. 20% in the system. This week I decided to fill her up with 93 oct straight up, and when I switched to map 2 I feel as if map 5 had more pull than map 2 (although map 2 is supposed to put 14.5 psi on a regular basis vs map's 5 11-16 variable psi.) Anyone feels as if map 5 pulls more than map 2? Maybe its because of the octane mix I had... I know that Ill have to dyno it to be sure, but just wanted to know your opinions.