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Originally Posted by CaptainInsano View Post
Hey you are on all the forums! It was good to meet you man.

For my honor I must post again that I put my 450lb friend in the passenger seat during our run.


It couldn't have been a better day. I would recommend that anyone who can go show up. The drama of the forums doesn't exist on the race track. Hanging out with these guys and watching turbo lambos spin off the track is really what it's about.

See you there next year.


Definitely have to mention that, because you did have more weight than me! No doubt about it, you beat me and will continue to beat me if we do more races. It is funny the friendly atmosphere on the track, compared to coming back to the forums and seeing the bantering.

It was a pleasure meeting you, and I'm glad I was able to see firsthand a well setup single turbo car!