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Originally Posted by jesselou View Post
When I said bipolar, I meant that she has really random mood swings where one day she can be nice and funny and the next moment, she gets really argumentative and attacks everything u say. so ive just learned that when she does that i dont say anything, so she cant attack me for saying the wrong thing lol. so its not soo bad that its unbearable. its just that i have to walk on eggshells and make sure i dont press any buttons that will set her off even more. i thought all girls like that??!!
Not all girls are like that. Some are, and some are worse than others, though. If you're walking on eggshells as a friend, that is a big red flag dude. And you put up with that, because you like her. Eventually, you'll get tired of this and you won't be so nice about it, and then you'll just set each other off. I've seen it, I've been there. Everyone has a breaking point, even you.

On top of it, you're not in an actual relationship with her. So it's as if you're experiencing the negatives without any of the positives. The thing is, if you're just friends, and she's in a mood, you can just leave, right? You don't, but you can. When you're married, you can't leave.