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I tell people my grandma is either a) sick b)dead or c)in the hospital. I KNOW I KNOW this is horrible and I should go to hell. I've used this excuse liek 3 times in the last couple of years and I feel so bad because i LOVE my grandma.

Freshman year when I was playing JV soccer, we had practice over Christmas break and I figured "Hey I'm a starter.. i'm good anyway.. i dont want to go to practice." However, we can't play in the game if we dont go to the practice so I just told my coach my grandma died. Ya i know, I'm horrible.

This summer, I didn't drive yet and I live far away from my friends and I feel bad asking them to drive me home.. so I told them my mom was in the hospital with my grandma and hten everyyyyonee offered me a ride home. AWW good friends again, i know, im horrible.

A few weeks ago, my friend Ana had her 18th bithday cotillian and as part of filipino tradition, she picks 18 of her closest girl friends to light a candle at her ceremony and say a little speech about her and how much we love her etc... so like.. she asked me to be part of her "18 candles" a couple of months back and i said i would love to do it! however.. the week before the event.. i was like "OMG i dont know waht to say?! i dont wana do it!" i totallyyyyy chickened out and i was ready to just call and say my grandma died and her funeral was on the day of Ana's party. I KNOW IM GOING TO HELL. but buttt i sucked it up and i thought of a speech and went. it was awesome and i'm glad i didnt lie.

so.. yeah you guys can totally use that lie if you wana get out of something.. hwoever, i dont recommend it.