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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
What a blatant rip-off by Ford.

Great car - is the photo of the current one in Marbella?
I saw Explorers in Dubai and I thought, better save my money and get one of those

I had a similar car abroad.

Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
That grey will look stunning mate, and I would go with the beige interior, think it works really well on the RR.

Either nice, but the silver can be a bit cold, my E350 has a similar interior and it is nice, but not as luxurious as beige imho...
Thanks Gizze ... I think your E350's interior looks nicer than Cirrus. I agree about Almond but I really need dark carpets.

Originally Posted by m@rk View Post
If it's different you want, the RR configurator seems to have you covered on that

And only an 8000 option
Yup, they do have some crazy colour options. I think their colour palette will do well in the Middle East, China and Russia

Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
I had the almond interior in a Range Rover Sport. The seats, dash etc were lovely but the Almond carpet in the boot was a pain, impossible to keep clean even with a load protector.
Thanks Richard. The RR will often be used as an airport taxi and I can see the sides of the boot etc getting stained.