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Originally Posted by omvijoca View Post
Log entry. At 106,000 miles the 2007 BMW 328xi left me stranded. Amber then red overtemp warning. Cost: $1450 at an independent BMW shop for waterpump and thermostat.

This kind of thing really makes me mad at BMW engineers. Really? Electric water pump. In a super inaccessible location.

My next car will not be a German POS. I ran from VW (electronic nightmare on Tourag), V-6 engine failure on a 2007 Audi A4.

It will be Japanese from this point forward. Sorry BMW fans.
I have changed the waterpump on a Honda Civic. I haven't changed the waterpump on my BMW yet, but I know exactly how to do it and it looks tremendously easier to do considering I don't have to worry about a damn timing belt. Not to mention some of those Japanese cars, you'll have to remove a motor mount or two to be able to tilt up the motor so you can even access the area.

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Nope, what I meant was BMW included the I-drive screen as the second hump on the instrument panel, which forced them to shrink the real-estate needed for the proper (classic) BMW gauge cluster, so they just ditched the temp gauge all together and moved the gas gauge under the speedo.
If you have a BT OBDII unit and the TORQ app for your phone or tablet, you can get coolant temperture in real time, as well as a lot of other info about what the motor is doing....although no oil temp, unless I set it up wrong.

Car just threw code P0128 (t-stat stuck open), I cleared it and so far it hasn't returned so I am assuming it went back to functioning properly again...for now. I watched the coolant rise fairly quickly from a cold start, so I assume the t-stat closed up for that. Everything seems to be working like normal. Will be getting a new t-stat and pump soon though.

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