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Very Happy!!

Originally Posted by chrisbreezy View Post
First time 4 wheel drive car owner here. Recently purchased an XI and just breaking it in and so far so good. From your experiences how good really is our XI's or Xdrives compared to other makes?? Feel free to share any experiences where you couldn't have done without it.
Over my driving career have owned a Jeep CJ 7 (true 4WD) and a Subaru wagon (on demand 4WD) but this is my first AWD vehicle. Couldn't have been more impressed w/the way it performed during the recent snow storm here in the Northeast. Tracks rock solid through (about 4" of slushy) snow like a battleship, got the traction control light to come on a couple of times but couldn't get it to wiggle, even when I tried, on a snow covered road up to around 70 MPH at which point I reached my personal "chicken switch" and backed it down to a more reasonable speed for the conditions.

IMO, fantastic!!