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Having spent a fair bit of time in Hungary, I have seen about 50% of these things in person. I can only IMAGINE what Russia is like. Hungarians drive like absolute maniacs, which was not sooo bad back when everyone drove Trabants, Wartburgs, and Ladas. Now they have cars with real horsepower...

Back in the day the main highway between Budapest and Vienna was mostly one lane in each direction, with a center shared passing lane. And most of the semi-trucks were faster than most of the cars. so you would have two semis going in opposite directions pulling into the center lane at the same time to pass a couple Trabis. Spectacular fun!

Q: When a Trabant gets in an accident, what is the cause of death of the driver?

A: Paper cuts! (if you know anything about Trabants this is hilarious - I owned one for a summer (1992) in Budapest)
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