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Originally Posted by Hopeful View Post
I didn't think I would be saving much money (just a bit on a less complex harness, but still need amp+DSP+speakers), it just meant not removing and refitting the HU. Whichever harness is used, it would still be routed the same way (just less of it in the simpler one). Why would you get more noise?
If you are having DSP in your sound system (and also in that thread which you posted), it should help to reduce the noise.

I have routed the wires to each side of car (L to passenger side & R to driver side) and had the noise.
I reckon it was due to the fact that all the major wires passes on driver side of the car and R side was picking up the noise.

The noise in my car was associated to intereference from FRM (light) module / its wirings. As each time I read and code that module on my car, that noise increased.

With new harness, all issues resolved.