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Originally Posted by andybui82 View Post
you're selling already?! whatre you gonna get?? glws
When I bought the car, i was basically rushed into making a decision. I had to buy a car that day and only had two manual E92's to choose from within a 500 mile radius. I didnt have the time to wait for the exact car i wanted because i unexpectantly sold my daily and our S4 was in the shop, so i was stuck driving my E30 vert in the pouring down rain. I dont have covered parking at work, and i couldnt leave my E30 parked out in the rain all day, so i basically had to buy a car that day.

Now i have the time be patient until the exact one comes along, and can drive our S4 in the meantime while keeping the E30 tucked away in the garage. So I've listed this for sale, and am planning on trading it in when I find the exact car i want but figured i'd list it private party also to see if there is anyone interested.

The reason for selling is because of the color. I only like white cars (sometimes black too, but prefer white). I love montego blue, but for me, I need things to match, and there are just too many color-schemes on this car for me to ever really be happy with it.

I plan on buying a white one though, so I wont be going anywhere anytime soon