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Originally Posted by edo View Post
I did lower boost to 14 PSI and it didn't help. And I used stock settings on map 1.
Even 14 PSI seems to be too low for my modifications and octane (FBO and RB turbos).
Others run higher boost with stock turbos without any timing drops...
I want to find out the cause of these timing drops. Is it possible to do with the help of fata logs?
you are not running 14 psi... just look at the boost, its like 17,4 at 4000 rpm and 15.8 at redline, THATS A LOT for 98 octane. when you open the log use your left and right arrows to follow the boost you are running throughout the rpm. lower even more. you really need to put some E85 in there or run meth if you want to push the boost up .
also there is NO need to run meth. you can just use denaturated alcohol
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